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We are broking used fishing vessels and carriers through collecting information from our international business networks including Russia, Japan, China, Africa and Europe. Also, we serve total agent services as repairing, vessel remodeling and supplying crewmen to meet customers needs.
Our trawl has been planned by the best specification and material not only through the long experience and knowledge of making trawl, also through the computer simulation of nature of vessel and fishing ground. We also design and make ideal type of trawl based on experiment with a model in a flow tank simulator.
We continuously do performance experience of trawl and collect the feedback from the customers who have been using ours to develop trawls and to help best operation

We use various kinds of yarns to make proper trawl for fishing ground and target species. Our trawl is produced by not only the proper design but also the selected best suitable material. It can minimize the resistance and maximize the trawl셲 size as possible. Also, improve the fishing, fisher can use bigger trawl and minimize the loss of repairing trawl

Our trawls is used in Korea, Japan, Far East of Russia, Africa area and the Antarctic Ocean for catching pollack, sardine, saurel, mackerel, hake and krill.

Our trawls performance is held in reputation with specialized each characteristic of fishing ground and target species. We, the leader of trawl manufacturer over the world, help to improve a catch and profit.
Our End-door crab pot and Pyramid crab pot are steadily sold to Far East of Russia and Murmansk for catching king crab. And they are popular for satisfactory quality with the specialists

The material of our crab pots is made with special steel to resist impact and special resin which is covered on the nets to endure various severe conditions. Also, we coat on the pot with zinc for corrosion-resisting.

And the Trigger, entrance induces to crabs to enter into the net and also block the crabs escape

Other Round cone crab pot, Shrimp pot and Trumpet pot also made for each fishing ground and target species, have better performance and quality. We can serve you as almost all kinds of fishing gear for your trap fishing.
We offer various kinds of synthetic and wire rope to over 30 countries over the world through continuously innovation and development of technology. And we manage strict quality control based on ISO 9002.
We manufacture and offer the block, hook, shackle, swivel, chains and float by iron, alloy, stainless steel and rubber etc
We serve marine product, agricultural product and industrial product produced in Korean factories and farms with best technical skills and larger production scale. Especially, we mainly export a variety of crab box, shrimp box, sandwich bag, block liner and PE bag for using in process of fishing & agricultural industries to Russia as reasonable price and reliable quality.
We maintain optimum value of stocks to promptly serve lubricant to industrial area, production facilities, plant, repair center and construction site to expand customers precious equipment셲 life time and reduce the loss as possible also, do our best to improve your productivity
Opening overall front E.O.E can open the upper cover at once conveniently.
It has the equipment, electro painting which is the newest method, in cut side and handle to resist corrosion.
From daily necessities to special products, our chemical industry creates the new worth near the customers life. We will establish firmly our position as leader of market as to supply proper product through strong competitiveness and higher quality.
The steel industry, "the rice of industry" with the machines to produce steel, automobiles, construction, shipbuilding, electronics, and by providing materials for all industries has led the growth of our economy is the national industry. Our Trade mission to contribute to the national economy has developed into a business. Whole areas of Russia and the CIS countries over the overseas offices and a representative from the joint venture management while being produced in major domestic steel companies for the products is exported to world markets.
We supply Plywood, europium and are equipped with various kinds of wood products to construction sites that require it, such as ship repair companies have been delivered to several companies.
We, as the partner of whole Russian fleet's, have treated articles for vessel for years. Based on years of experience providing excellent service and quality products to expand our scope with future-oriented mindset
With the spirit of customer service, we only deal carefully selected products, and meet customers expectation and need through continuing development and quality control at all times